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educational consultants in coimbatore
edu consultants in coimbatore

educational consultants in coimbatoreI am Bhawani Ramachandran M.A (edu) Ph.D.
This site is developed with a view to assist those, in the educational field, seeking information and help. With a experience of over 40 years in the field, I will be in a position to guide in the various aspects of Preschool, higher education and college education. More about these in the following pages.

About SELF

I have been awarded PhD in ‘Education’ by Alagappa University. The thesis is titled ‘meta-linguistic awareness and reading comprehension among primary school children. My master degree was on ‘Education’

I started my teaching career in a leading school in Chennai in the 80's.Apart from teaching academic subjects, I was involved in various specific duties like framing syllabus in the subjects concerned, and holding workshops. I was also in charge of advising the various departments on the different methods of teaching and classroom technologies, for slow learners and conducting Remedial teaching. On arrival in Zambia in the year 1992, I was employed on an employment permit in a leading pre-primary school. In Ndola, Zambia. I was in charge of supervision of the school and in conducting afternoon activities, which consisted of regular art classes for children and holiday camps offered   periodically and extra lessons for older children from other schools. In August 1995, I moved to a city called Kitwe, following my husband's transfer. Although I did not take up any formal employment, I was conducting private coaching classes for about 25 private students from form 1 until form 6.equivalent to classes 6-10. I was also taking classes for O- level students in English. I was also teaching Hindi. over the weekends.

 In June 1997, I shifted to Kenya from Zambia and since September 1997,I was working in Melvin Jones Lions Academy, Nakuru in the department of Mathematics and English, handling classes up to form 3.

Apart from my academic activities at the school, I have been conducting remedial classes (a scheme introduced by me in the school) for weaker students. This included the diagnosis of one’s scholastic abilities and providing with the suitable therapy.

Further, I was handling students counselling-both Academic and otherwise at all levels. Also for the first time in the school, I introduced the system of Mathematics through activity, which was highly successful. From January 2003 I joined a reputed School in Nairobi as the H.O.D of Special Education Department.  During the course of my work, I have undertaken training on the subject in the United States.

While in Nairobi I had been   a special tutor, for the International School of Kenya, run by the American Embassy. I was handling English and Mathematics, tutoring on one to one basis. I was also responsible for conducting the assignments for them and evaluating the assignments. The age groups covered were from Kindergarten through high school.

During my stay in Kenya, I have conducted workshops in English and Mathematics at Nairobi Academy one of the premier institutions in Kenya and University of Nairobi. Since July 2010, I have set up a consultancy services in the above address. I deal with children with learning difficulties, slow learners and Special children. I also help in class-on-web teaching with the materials for selected firms. I am a visiting faculty for IELTS class for certain institution. I conduct workshops and training sessions for teachers regularly. I also undertake training programmes in English for corporate offices. I am a visiting faculty at some colleges in Chennai, offering training in soft skills and communication skills. I am also a faculty member for Cambridge teachers training diploma programme for teachers and trainers. I am a corporate trainer and wipro, aban, ford cii were some of my clients. Currently I am associated with some schools in Coimbatore, Chennai and Pondicherry as chief advisor.   I am a consultant in helping new schools to be set up, facilitate in organizing for the recruitment and training of teachers and other members of staff, advice in the procedure of obtaining  NOC and also facilitate CBSE affiliation process from a-z. Training of Montessori teachers, setting up of syllabus and curriculam for schools having K.G ,primary, upper primary and high school. Regular and periodic teacher training and conducting regular workshops for parents especially at the K.G level is also being carried out by me. I have been also helping schools with planning, implementation and monitoring of the C.C.E program.

Educational Consultants in Coimbatore

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